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Making wine is a crazy adventure. Splendid, exciting, demanding! 

At more than 55 years of age we left our beloved Vercors, our jobs, to settle in this beautiful preserved terroir in the South of the Ventoux and set up a small vineyard of a few hectares. 


Our project is the fruit of a strong desire to make, to create, to produce concrete things. It's not just a job, it's a way of life that we are looking for, a way to reconnect with family and personal roots. It's a story for two...and also with our friends: they followed us to buy the land. Without these 42 partners, we wouldn't have made it!


Changing life, it's a great feeling! We swapped the urban suit for field clothes. This project brings us closer to the simplicity and nature we love so much. Being in the vineyard every day, attentive to what's happening, listening, observing... and sharing... it's an incredible opportunity!  

fleurs domain childeric 2.jpg
Degustation de vin et Oenotourisme Ventoux @Kalice.jpg
Vendanges manuelles @Anna Childeric
Vin en Biodynamie.jpg
Viticulture @Kalice.jpg
Domaine Childéric Vendanges détail épinette 2.jpg
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